1.  Do all the items come with our school logo on them for the price listed?

Yes - all items on our website come with your school logo.  Most of our items are screen printed unless noted that we are embroidering the item.  


2. Why are you less expensive than the other uniform stores?

We started the business so everyone would be able get their child in a uniform at a reasonable price.  Some schools offer a more expensive shirt but we still offer a less expensive uniform shirt for each school.


3. Why the increase in price on some of your shirts?

Our shirts were the same price for 10 years.  The price that we have to pay has gone up over the past 7 years.  As a business we had to move some of our prices up in 2016 to help recover the cost of the merchandise. The prices for 2019 are the same as 2016.


4. Do I have to preorder the uniforms shirts?

No  - Our goal is for you to walk in our store and go home with your uniform that day - so the shelves are stocked year round.  If we are short stock we usually have it ready within a few days.  We will let you know if it will be longer when you check out.


5. Can I preorder the uniforms and how long before they are ready for me to pick up?

Of course you can preorder the uniforms.  We  suggest you preorder them during our annual sale in June and July - this way you can receive a free shirt when you buy four items.  Our goal is to have your uniform ready for you to pick up within 2 days.


6. Are the sweatshirts carried year round too?

Yes but we do not carry as many, so this is the one item that we suggest to preorder.


7. Do you sell pants?

At this time we do not offer pants.  You can buy the pants at most department stores.  Most schools let you wear black or khaki pants-shorts.


8. What are your store hours?

We are usually open when school is in session.  Please check our store hours on this site.  The days we are open vary accordingly to the time of the year.  During July and August we are open 7 days a week.


9. After I placed my order I received an email that you recieved my order - does that mean it is ready for pick up or is being shipped?

No - it just means the order was received.  Please give us 24 to 48 hours to fill the order.  You will receive a second email stating that your order is ready for pick up or is being shipped.


10. I ordered a week ago - why haven't I received an email that it is ready?

We usually fill your order within 2 days - PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL.